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Public Transport

The public transport infrastructure consists of an intensely used integrated transport system of Prague Metro (its length is 59 km with 57 stations in total), Prague Tram System (including the “nostalgic tram” no. 91), buses, the Petřín funicular to Petřín Hill, and six ferrets. Prague has one of the highest rates of public transport usage in the world with 1.2 billion passenger journeys per annum.


Václav Havel Airport Prague handles flights of most European carriers and also some overseas flights. It is located 30–45 minutes by car from the centre of Prague. There is a good connection between the airport and city centre by public transport buses and taxis.

To get to city center, please use bus line 119 and Metro A.You should buy a ticket before travelling and these can be found at the arrival hall, at ticket machines or at the newsagents (if arriving late and all shops are closed buy a ticket from the driver but large banknotes are not accepted).

Public transport

Prague has a very sophisticated subway, tram and bus transport system. The Prague underground is quite new and efficient. At peak times, trains run every 1-3 minutes, and during off-peak hours at least every 5-10 minutes.

You can find more information about Prague public transport on the website

Most visitors find travel passes cost-effective and hassle-free. If you use public transport more than a few times a day, definitely go for one. Also, 3- and 5-day passes allow free transport for a child aged between 6 and 14 (inclusive).

Prague City Transport Fares

Travelling by city transport is possible with a valid ticket only. Passengers have to obtain their tickets before boarding the vehicle or entering the Metro system. The ticket is valid only if marked in the validator.

Standard (90 min) ticket: 40 CZK
Short-term (30 min) ticket: 30 CZK
One-day (24-hour) ticket: 120 CZK
3-day (72-hour) ticket: 330 CZK

The standard ticket is valid for 90 minutes and short-term ticket is valid for 30 minutes after marking. The one-day and three-day tickets are valid for all the city transport facilities and allow transfers. You can search for connections and buy tickets in your phone via PidLitacka app.

Prague public transport app

For more details visit

Find a connection at

Ticket Inspection

The validity of tickets can be checked by the ticket inspectors of Dopravní podnik (The Prague Public Transport Company) at any time during travel or stay in the Metro system. The ticket inspector is entitled to ask the passenger to produce his or her valid ticket, to confiscate invalid tickets, and to collect a penalty (1000 CZK, if paid at once 800 CZK) in case of travel without a valid ticket. In case of unpaid freight the inspector collects a penalty 50 CZK. To prove their identity, inspectors produce yellow-and-red badges. They issue receipts for the penalty amounts.

Taxi service

In the city center, taxis are easy to take from the street but we strongly recommend you use hotel taxis or to call a taxi by phone through the radio taxi service.

We recommend you use following taxi companies:

Profi Taxi: +420 261 314 151 or +420 844 700 800
AAA Taxi: +420 222 333 222 or +420 2211 0 2211
Tick Tack Taxi: +420 721 300 300

Boarding charge: approx. 30–40 CZK/1 drive
Journeys within the city: approx. 26-28 CZK/1 kilometer
Waiting time: approx. 4–6 CZK/1 minute


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