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Call for Special sessions

The organizers of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences invite proposals for special sessions covering emerging topics, challenges, interdisciplinary research, or subjects that could foster useful debate in the phonetic sciences.

The ICPhS theme is “Intermingling Communities and Changing Cultures”. Special sessions related to this theme are especially welcome, but we are interested in proposals related to any of the Congress’ scientific areas. The submission deadline is July 15, 2022.

Special sessions will be 1.5 hours long. They are expected to consist of 4 papers, each 15 minutes long, plus 30 minutes total at the beginning and end of the session for introduction and discussion; however, organizers may also propose a different format within this time slot.


Each special session proposal must contain the following information: 

  • The title of the proposed special session.
  • The names and affiliations of the organizers, including contact information and a brief biography for each organizer.
  • Up to five bullet points explaining what factors make the proposed session special.
  • A summary (up to one page) of the session topic that describes its importance, the objective of the special session, and sets out the session’s format. The summary should explain why the topic is better covered in a special session rather than a regular conference session.
  • Ideally a tentative list of researchers who could contribute papers to the session.
  • A list, if needed, of any extra or non-standard resources required to run the session (for example, equipment, data, poster stands, etc.).

Proposals will be evaluated by the ICPhS Scientific Committee for relevance and significance. Papers submitted to special sessions will go through the same anonymous review process as regular papers, with session organizers assisting in reviewer recruitment and assignment, and in the final paper decisions. Special sessions which do not receive enough accepted papers will be cancelled.

Special session proposers are invited to submit a proposal via email to: no later than Friday July 15, 2022. Please put “ICPhS special session proposal NAME/ACRONYM” in the subject line. The notification of pre-selection is expected to be on Wednesday August 10, 2022. Final acceptance will take place shortly after paper decisions are completed, depending on the number of accepted papers submitted to each special session.


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